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3. How do I get an Alternate Public Defender to represent me?
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You can only get an APD attorney to represent you if you are: 1) charged with a crime; and 2) cannot afford to hire a private attorney; and 3) the Public Defender cannot represent you due to a conflict of interest. APD attorneys cannot be hired to handle your case.
4. How do I contact my APD attorney?
Call our main number at 213-974-6626 and you will put in contact with your attorney. Or, click on "Office Locations" to find the address and local phone number for the office handling your case. You can also email us at .
FAQ's on Public Defender Site
Note: The Public Defender website has an extensive FAQ's section worth reviewing.

We cannot place you in direct contact with your attorney in the Public Defenders Office, but you can call their main number at 213-974-2811. You can also use the following link to the Public Defenders website.

5. How do I contact my attorney if they work for the Public Defenders Office?

Frequently Asked Questions
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